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Privacy Policy of TCAWW

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The Christ’s Assembly Worldwide

Privacy Policy of TCAWW

A Conservative, Independent and Interdenominational Communion of  Saints.

All clergy of TCAWW are bound by the law’s requirements of secrecy or to face charges in court for breaching confidentiality of any details of anyone who has come to us for guidance.
Therefore all details of any person’s identity who have contacted us, or anything in regards to their behaviour, must be kept confidential from any third party without a clear waiver of confidentiality document signed by all parties beforehand.

Therefore TCAWW is bound to secrecy over and above that which a typical attorney or counsellor is required to keep. All emails, documents, telephone calls etc are guarded with the utmost integrity.

The only exception is to that of which regards child abuse. For most states a Pastor cannot be sued or held in violation of any law for disclosing details of child abuse. In some states it is actually required to come forward with such information.

For more information, please read about the clergy-penitent privilege.


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