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Month – March 2013

mp3* Path of Restoring Honor

True Shame and True Honor defined by God, “Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:38) Today’s Sabbath Bible study was […]

NOTICE FOR NON-BELIEVERS – You Are On A Private Website For Fully Converted Christians

HOMEPAGE FOREWORD: You won’t hear the promotion of abominations and blasphemies from our church. “These days” some people say that our Orthodox beliefs will scatter the flock. Manmade traditions might do that, but we only have God’s word at our assembly. There is “no private interpretation of His word of Scripture”2Peter 1:20, but it is taught widely […]

Offsite archive

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Local Church Jurisdictions

Please utilize our church directory to gather others to keep Sabbath services in your local areas. God’s church “ecclesia” / ruling elite gather and “call OTHERS” to yet gather locally for Sabbath services. The church directory is in the progress of uploading, please be patient. However if you’re already an associate ministry of the Christ’s […]


FREE GOLD BULLION BUSINESS AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS I really hope my friends aren’t missing the boat getting their money SAFE, AS WELL AS GETTING PAID EXCELLENT COMMISSIONS! It is so easy to do the same as I did right here on Craigslist: http://amsterdam.en.craigslist.org/clt/3692931256.html (ANY GRANDMA ON SOCIAL SECURITY CAN DO THIS 5 MINUTES A DAY AND […]

Watchman News combined with TCAWW

You might notice the new type of website we’ve implemented. We’re now in the process of converting Watchman News Reporters into the mainpage of the site. Portions of the site are being uploaded and reformated. There may be some delay or minor issues until complete. Please follow and like us:0

Queen Announces New Magna Carta for the 21st Century For a New Gay Lifestyle of the West

In an apparent “deal with the devil”, the Queen bounces off her hospital bed with the pledge to sign a Charter called “the Magna Carta for the 21st Century”. This is a once in 1,000 year occasion! Recalling the time of the last Magna Carta, it was an agreement forced only after much bloodshed and […]

Colonel Jack Mohr Library Section

Jack Mohr

Colonel Jack Mohr (These booklets are for information. TCAWW does not necessarily endorse all the views of all authors, and our literature section is under development to be a portal of over 100,000 online articles. Articles should primarily be considered opinions of the individual writer and not of TCAWW.) Col. Jack Mohr (Author – Evangelist […]

**mp3** “Back To Basics” A Talk on Eternal Salvation

For new believers we hope you’re not left without help or a guide. While it does say we all need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, everyone should be aware of the basics to assure you’re following the Biblical model of conversion. In this mp3 Rev Stephen Michael covers the important […]

Abomination of Mixing the Races, Race-mixing is the Biblical Definition of Abomination

At any Bible bookstore, library, or book shop, you can always pickup a copy of Strong’s Concordance with the Dictionary. In it, like most dictionaries of the world, you get the facts without the fluff of radical leftist (and satanic) STUNT POLITICS. Let’s stop the blind from leading the blind once and for all. We […]

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