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Month – April 2013

BIBLICAL GIANTS Came Last Time Mayan Calendar 3112 BC Restarted

The last time the Mayan Calendar restarted was approximately 3112BC Did you know the last time the Mayan Calendar cycle started was when Enoch was still alive, and also Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Metheuselah, Lamech, and Noah too!? Noah was about 60 years old the last time the calendar restarted. Do you know what happened around […]


LAND OF ISRAEL, OR LAND CALLED ISRAEL. Just to get technical. It’s Scripturally incorrect to call the land or borders anywhere in the world to be called “Israel”. Nowhere in the Scripture does it say that any land is called Israel, that is a man-made invention. According to our Bibles, only two of the 13 […]

**video** Restoring Honour Pilgrimage Festival – Day 2

Quick intro is given on the Kingdom of YAHWEH and why we are keeping the three Pilgrimage feasts. Now you can unite together with us in prayer by video. For all those who couldn’t join us in person in Germany and the Netherlands in the opening days of the Holy Festival week on the Sacred […]

mp3 on Isaiah 11 Holy Mountain Before Millennium

A quick introductory note on this last Sabbath’s study. We discussed heavily the holy mountain in Jerusalem that I will soon be visiting at the holy day on the holy calendar to hold consul meetings with delegates of South Africa for effectual planning of stemming the current holocaust. Describing the mountain as a literal physical […]

NEW VIDEO: Paul Taught Dietary Laws and Levitical Blood Laws (NOT for spiritual salvation but for physical survival)

Teaching series “How Paul Taught We MUST Keep The Law.” Lesson one “Foundation For the Gentiles” How Paul taught Gentiles MUST keep the law. This study goes specifically into the topic of the dietary laws and blood laws. Things strangled and blood. An excellent study on clean and unclean. What God wants for us all, […]

Eternal Salvation Based on Blood of (Jesus) YAHWEH Yasha, Not Works

A lot of Christians think Paul said we don’t need to keep the law at all. However, the only time he said anything near that was in an entirely different context. In every case his audience specifically said, “you’re not eligible for eternal salvation until after you did all the good works in the law […]

Pastor Responds to Bill O’Reilly’s Request to be “Smarter” on Issue of Gay Marriage

You have reached an older video page which has been replaced by this article: Promoting true love and tolerance for everyone. We hope everyone can become educated and will find help in Christ who can save us from our sin. “200 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET HIV” if involved in sodomy, yet governments promote it […]

FIRST EVER DISCLOSED Zodiac Procession/Ascension Order By Israelite Tribal Encampment

by His Eminence ++Archbishop Dr. Stephen Michael Finally disclosure on just what is that “Gospel in the stars”. While many Authors and Preachers mention the stars proclaim the gospel to the gentiles, they never say what it is. While many Authors have covered that there seems to be a mapping of the tribes to the […]

The Sabbath and the Early Church

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