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Month – May 2013

5 Million White Afrikaaners Warned to Leave South Africa

More evidence the House of Israel is entering the time of “Jacob’s trouble”, Before angels gather His elect from the four corners of the earth. As the Scripture tells us Judah would occupy the corners of the earth. NW Europe, South East Australia, South West Africa, North East Russia are all occupied by pure descendants […]

The Kingdom Covenant of “a Thousand Generations”

MP3 from TCAWW, “The Kingdom Covenant of 1,000 Generations” This Mp3 goes into many aspects of the covenantal “1,000 Generations”. I believe you’ll find this MP3 very encouraging, it’s called “the 1,000 Generations“. From this Sabbath’s Bible study which I did for TCAWW. Join us live next week in the chatroom for fellowship, questions and answers! […]

The Elect Will Gather At Palestine For Armageddon

The Elect From the Corners of the Earth to Return to Palestine For Armageddon.  The Word of God plainly says that His Elect will be gathered to Jerusalem for Armageddon in the latter end time days , at the worst time of Jacob’s trouble (the punishments for our rebellion from YAHWEH’s LAW). In Revelation 2:9 […]

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