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“Yahshua/Jesus is God” and “Yahshua/Jesus is YAHWEH” in original Greek, Aramaic N.T., Interlinear, Exegeses, etc.

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YAHSHUA/Jesus is YAHWEH is what the original clearly says.
The original Aramaic agrees, the Greek proves it, and the interlinears back it up.
This brings new meaning to the method we are supposed to “discern spirits”. We are to “try the spirits, to see whether they be of God” as “not all are of God”. There are many LYING spirits.  One way of discerning they know who YAHWEH is, is by His laws (at least the 10 Commandments). Another way to prove they are not a false spirit is if they confess YAHSHUA IS YAHWEH. As it says, only by the Holy Spirit can they say Yahshua/Jesus Himself is YAHWEH God of Israel. (Or if you say “Jesus is the God of Israel”, good too.)
Praise YAHWEH His light is being revealed. The world of darkness is fading as His bright light of truth dispells every last bit of it, guaranteed.
They say even the elect will get decieved, by many coming in His name. Be very careful what you believe.
First let me wet your appetite with a bunch of verses who say “Jesus is God”
The Aramaic Bible says it best, always instead of where it says “Jesus is Lord” it says “Jesus is YAHWEH”.
Brings new meaning to “the name of Jesus”. Have you heard many say they claim things “in the name of Jesus”? That’s Biblical. However, have you ever asked “what is the name of Jesus?”
His name is YAHWEH:
Philippians 2:11 “every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Yahweh, to the glory of God the Father.”
Philippians 2:6 “who, being in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a matter to be grasped”
1 Corinthians 12:3 “I make known to you, that no man speaking in the Spirit of God says, Jesus is cursed; and no man can say, Jesus is Yahweh, but in the Holy Spirit.” 
Acts 2:36 “Let all the house of Israel therefore know assuredly, that God has made him both Yahweh and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.”
Here is a screen shot from the Aramaic Interlinear of the original Syraic Aramaic PESHITTA Manuscripts.
It says in the original Syraic Bible (Aramaic) as shown in the interlinear transliteration into English:
“Yah Shua is Yah Veh”!
aramaic name YAHWEH attributed to be the name of YAHSHUA.

aramaic name YAHWEH attributed to be the name of YAHSHUA.

All those demonic spirits who say Yahshua is just another man I curse you and command you be bound and silenced! Your work is over. Holy Spirit please guard us and protect us in the work against the lying spirits who do not confess Yahshua is YAHWEH Elohim of Israel.
Here is one more very evident clue from the Greek that “Yahshua is Lord/King” is a mistranslation and that“Yahshua is YAHWEH” is the accurate translation. (Note you can use the Wigrams/Englishman’s Greek concordance also to verify it much more quickly to see in every case the original words appear. These are now available freely on blueletterbible.org on all scripture searches, just click the “C” button). However still where all concordances are lacking, these are normally made up for in the manuscripts’ “interlinear” where you can see the actual original and the order of the words in the original.
Taken from one of the prefaces of Herb Jahn’s Exegeses Bibles and from his (and Pastor Crouch’s) courses at Restoration Ministries:
There is a clue in the Greek texts to distinguish the name LORD Yah Veh from the title Lord Adonay. In almost* every instance where the title Lord Adonay is meant, Lord Adonay is preceded by the article the, or the possessive pronouns me or my.
In almost* every instance where the name LORD Yah Veh is meant, the article or pronouns are absent. Also, the context may indicate whether Lord Adonay or LORD Yah Veh is meant. You may confirm this by reading the margins of the Scofield Reference Edition of 1917.

*We say almost because of variant manuscripts.

Praise YAHWEH Yahshua, the Elohim/God of Israel!

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