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Wisdom From Our Elders, For 400 Years America is One Nation Under God

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In this video we hear great wisdom from our Elders, for our youth. I want to highlight the words where they said, “American government (under God) has worked for over 400 years!”, and please see my commentary on how it was under Christ as our “perpetual” UN-ENDING union under God which is still in existance today!
Since 1639 America’s first constitution started defining our “perpetual / un-ending Union” as being only under God. It is the same union referred to in today’s constitution, which has always been “under God”. This was copied to all state constituions, as well as the colony’s joint Articles of Confederation (original union for the first several Centuries of American government. (Covenant America). The text of this “perpetual UN-ENDING union” reads: “our government is for one aim, the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and maintaining the purity of the gospel….and whereas we live encompassed with people of several nations and strange languages which hereafter may prove injurious to us or our posterity…” This text is called “perpetual confederation”, and made solely for our very separate/holy posterity, made in the name of YAHWEH (and His son Jesus the Christ). So it is binding in our government today as one nation under God, as it is also written on our currency and the way we write the dates in this year (“the year of our Lord”, “AD:, etc). These same families who signed these founding documents (when there was no contract with Britain) were educated at the Universities like Princeton, Union and Harvard, where at those universities they taught all the students the Bible, and in the regular textbooks it teaches that America is the “Western and Modern Israel of God”. The God of Israel has said He is ever mindful of His covenant. There is a regathered Israel of all twelve tribes only in one land, the USA. So we are reminded YAHWEH is ever mindful of His covenant, and His true Israel of the Christian descended Israelite nations who have remained married to God through the Son these last 2,000 years. We have the evidence in the way God blesses our nations above all other nations of the earth, and the many covenants. Also covenants that if we go astray He punishes our nations like a loving Father who will try and save us from eternal damnation. And when our nations repent and come back to Him He forgives us, gives our countries another chance to make a new government etc. Only in America has such a theocratic law been estbalished where all twelve tribes had true freedom for all of the citizens. Only comparable perhaps to Britain under the Magna Carta rights, which was an extension of Dane law, all upheld by the baron’s swords, keeping the Kings accountable (much like the laws that describe our Second amendment today, as being for the Freedom and Independence of each state, etc). When we make the reforms God protects us and gives us another chance. I think His remnant is finally had enough of the punishments and are repenting. IF AMERICA WILL BE HOLY/SEPARATE AGAIN, that will prove the repentance. There will be then a restoring of order. Trump’s wall is one start in that direction of repentance. All the the humiliation Trump supporters have endured may be proof we have been on our knees repenting. We have stood up for truth although there has been persecution. The American voters have made this known.
Some people try and dig out quotes from the late 1700s where they think a few of the founding fathers weren’t so Christian as one might believe. However, they all forget that the Union wasn’t founded at the turn of the 19th century as the current radical leftist politicians advocate. (Nor is it the even newer British corporation, District of Columbia, etc). The Union has operated “under God” for 400 years. The perpetual union was formed in 1639 (without any allegiance to worldly powers) and the text adopted by all colonies was that the one aim of the union was “the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ and maintaining the purity of the gospel”. Later all states adopted theocracy clauses. The present constitution only Guarantees those states rights, and it refers to our original 1639 union I quoted you, not to remove it but for perfecting it. Perpetual means un-ending. As it says our “Articles of Perpetual Confederation” had no other aim but Christianity. Remember that is the legal basis for our Union and Government to exist outside of the other governments like British etc. Also remember that it is perpetual.
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