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About Us

The Orthodox Church of the Culdees (OCC) does operate as a non-profit organization and is legally registered for the following purposes:

+ Advancement of the Orthodox (Christian) Culdean Religion that is rooted in the Hebrew faith and identity brought to Glastonbury by the Apostles in the First Century.

+ Restoring and preserving the libraries on British Israelism.

+ Equality advocacy for protection of persecuted minorities of Culdean origin, against any prejudicial discrimination against their ethnic or orthodox cultural religious practices.

+ Political advocacy for the Restoration of the Glastonbury Culdees’ authority to judge in the Royally prescribed matters that go beyond the spiritual, into the realms of the civil, criminal and international jurisprudence.

+ International associations for peaceful inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.


Read more about us: A Short History of the Orthodox Church of the Culdees, and Our Reestablishment


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