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The Declaration Of Arbroath, Proof The Scottish Are Israelites From “Greater Scythia”

This document, the Declaration of Arbroath (of the original Culdean church), is posted at the front of most of the assemblies of the Culdees (OCC) for all to see when you enter into the sanctuary. The Culdees’ Church at Southern California, where our current Primace grew up into the holy orders (of baptism, confirmation, diaconate, priest and bishop), always had a high quality copy of these articles in English as well as the latin posted near the entrance. A copy is depicted below. This was for all who entered the church to read and understand that our church is descendant of the original church of the Culdees of Scotland, who are successors of the church started by St. Aristobulus, St. Philip, St. Paul, and St. Joseph of Arimathea at the British Isles. Read the short history of the Orthodox Church of the Culdees(Celtic).

Below is some of the text from the Declaration of Arbroath, and some surrounding commentary. You may also wish to purchase the more detailed copy of an analysis by one of the foremost scholars on the topic of the Culdees (E. Raymond Capt) who was a frequent lecturer at our church. He published some other surrounding documents of Robert the Bruce that fills in a lot more meaning of these words. Mainly that Jesus Christ was central in his life and was present with them in battle. Click on the cover photo to the right, to be taken to amazon where you may purchase a copy.

Few know that Robert the Bruce was the last Scottish King to have been coronated on the throne of Israel, the stone of scone, that was then stolen by Edward Longshanks. It is in the official histories of England, Scotland and Ireland that it is the literal throne that King David of Israel was coronated on, and God had promised to always keep a descendant of King David on that literal and physical throne. This didn’t just go away in 500BC when all of Judea was destroyed, and Jeremiah went to the prophesied “Isles Northwest” as it says by the word of God that Jeremiah “transplanted the Kingdom and priesthood” to those islands. Later known as the Culdees. 

This declaration is more proof the Scottish and kindred peoples (Culdees) are Israelites. more info

The Declaration of Arbroath(Scotland’s most precious national possession), as sealed by Robert the Bruce and his nobles is portrayed below. It contains the claim of being confirmed in the faith by Saint Andrew(historically by his assistant Aristobulus). It says that the Scots “journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea….they came twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea[ca.250BC], to their home in the west where they still live today.”

The British historian Bede, writing five hundred years earlier, also stated that the people of Scotland came from Scythia, between the Black and Caspian Seas, where Israel was dispersed. Herodotus called the Scythians the “Sacae,” which comes from the name Isaac, one of the names that Jacob (Israel) said would live on among Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen. 48:16). God said “in Isaac shall thy seed be called”. Saint Paul reiterated these words, “in Isaac shall the seed be called” (Romans 9:8).

A quote from the book “St. Paul in Britain” by R.W.Morgan: “Bede was a very earnest adherent of the novel papal Church, introduced A.D.596, by Augustine into Britain, but the honesty and simplicity of his character has rendered his history in many respects a very inconvenient and obnoxious record to the said Church. What became of the remains of St.Peter and St.Paul? At Rome they STILL PRETEND TO EXHIBIT THEM, but Bede;- and it must be remembered he is a CANONIZED saint in the Roman calendar – EXPRESSLY STATES that the remains of the bodies of the apostles Peter and Paul, the martyrs St.Lawrence, St.John, St.Gregory, and St.Pancras, were, at the solicitation of King Oswy to Pope Vitalian, REMOVED from Rome to ENGLAND, and deposited at CANTERBURY A.D. 656, Pope Vitalian’s letter to Oswy being extant.(Bedoe History., lib. iii. c. 29). THEIR REMAINS, then, if any, REPOSE IN BRITISH SOIL.”

In the actual letter of Pope Vitalian, in 656 we do read indeed that the position of the Roman church is they were not interested in keeping the relics and bodies of the apostles Peter and Paul. The pope therefore ordered them sent to King Oswy of Britain! Here is part of his letter to the British king:
“However, we have ordered the blessed gifts of the holy martyrs, that is, the relics of the blessed apostles, Peter and Paul, and of the holy martyrs Laurentius, John, and Paul, and Gregory, and Pancratius, to be delivered to the bearers of these our letters, to be by them delivered to you.
These were all early apostles of Britain. Hundreds more Saints converted England in the first few centuries AD. You can read about them in our short history of the church. more info

Greater Scythia Israel Scotland declaration of Abroath

Scotland’s Declaration of Independence was fought for by by the famed William Wallace, and was signed (and sealed) by Robert the Bruce and all the Scottish Nobles ultimately.
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