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BRUNSWICK BEING THE ONLY PROBABLE SUCCESSOR OF THE PIASTS (monarchy of Poland, Czech/Bohemia, Ukraine etc)

Arms of Oels-Brunswick, from the last Piast sovereignty of Oels, Silesia. The Name and Principality was officially inherited from the last Piast Princess.











Official Connection To The Winged Hussars







The Ulans
made up an important component of the Black Brunswickers personal Imperial army that defeated Napoleon. These were from the Brunswick-Oels Principality in Poland. In 1776 the traditions and status of the winged Polish hussars had officially passed onto the Ulans.



(the subject realms being of Poland, Galicia-Volhynia, Mazovia, Silesia and Bohemia)’


Not well known – we must raise awareness!
Much of this is not well known as the House of Brunswick has been suppressed for being too Anti-Habsburg, Anti-Prussian, and making the most war on Napoleon and France. These larger fights are among many other more recent political situations that have made the topic less known.Image result for ulan hussar brunswick

The Piast Brunswick succession must be once again widely circulated for the world to know that the succession was effected via marriage through the female line, to the last Piast princess. This last Piast inheritance inherited down through to our line as being the nephew successor and firstborn head of the House of Brunswick. There really are no other heirs. Presently the de jure government of Olesnica Poland (Piast Alloidial Realm) continues to operate in exile and is valid according to prescriptive law, house law, and in international law. These Silesian royal titles continue to be used not only by Brunswick, but also Saxony. However, although it is active and valid, it still remains that if these items are forgotten by the major population for too much longer, it may not be anymore relevant and become a lost cause to ever again restore the Polish Nobility.

For this reason every person plays an active role in the monarchy at this stage by raising awareness of the Piast successor house. Raise the Brunswick-Oels banner high, just as the Ulan Hussaria did in many battles for Brunswick. The Ulans recently celebrated 200 years (1809-2009) of being the Imperial guard of Brunswick. His Highness Prince Stephen Michael Nott d’Este-Guelph Brunswick attended the 200 year ceremony, and awarded medals to those who greatly contributed to the House.


The Suffrage Right To Vote
Several of the present and valid Suffrage populations of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (d’Este-Guelph) lay just outside our Silesian principle realms in the name and titles of our house. These recognized Piast family inheritance realms included,

Kingdom of Poland
Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia
Duchy of Mazovia
Duchy of Silesia
several Duchies of Silesia
Prussian Principalities of Silesia
Duchy of Bohemia

Silesian Piasts, later became the oldest surviving branch of the dynasty

These countries have all held that upon the lawful extinguishing of a royal house, a provision for an irregular offspring of the house may ascend to the throne. This comes also via the rights of election (referendum).

There is interest in these realms to re-align with the Piast heirs of Brunswick, as our House d’Este-Guelph Brunswick has maintained the stances of enemy and of arch-rivals against the Austrian Habsburgs (Guelph vs Ghibelline) and for some times against France, Russia, and Prussian governments. Also because the family is staunchly Christian,at a time Christians are under persuctions, all the while the vast majority of the populations remain Christian.

Brunswick House of Guelph Horse, and Piast Eagle regalia anniversary coin for the “Brunswick-Oels” principality.


It is still evident in the history, and our family name Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels
Since the beginning of the 19th Century, the Piast title has remained in our House of Brunswick sovereign claims, uninterrupted. This is printed in the money/ minted coins, maps, history books, and most of all, demonstrated publicly in the titles, the family name, and armorial bearings of the House of “Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels”. This title of Oelsnica-Bernstadt is also co-defended by the living Sovereign Royal House of Saxony recognizing the family rights and continuation of Oels to be a living sovereign principality. There are minted many coins over the centuries commemorating the continuation of the Piast dynasty, and now in the House of Brunswick. These all reached a wider circulation among the subjects, with the understanding that the last Piasts have continued. For example, the marriage who continued the line, celebrated in the coins etc.

 (Penny Cyclopedia 1850)

Our House remains lineal successors of the original Piast Dynastic alloidial realm of the high Nobility of the Piasts, from the Principality of Oels-Bernstadt. The family title passing to the Scion of our House, Stephen Michael II. The passing to our house had come originally through marriage of the last surviving Piast Princess in 1647 when it descended with her husband duke Silvius Nimrod of Wurtemberg, founder of the line of Wurtmberg-Oels. Centuries later when it became extinct in 1792 the principality passed to the last daughter and heiress Sophia Frederica Charlotte, to her husband, who upon his death passed it to Duke Frederick William of Brunswick, from whence has continually been in the House of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel which do this day maintains a valid status in international law as a de jure principality of the Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels government in exile. The arms are continually borne by the House of Brunswick.

Piast titles have included,

King of Poland
King of Rus’
Duke of the Polans
Duke of Poland
Duke of Krakow
Duke of Kuyavia
Duke of Mazovia
Duke of Sandomierz
Duke of Greater Poland
Duke of Silesia
and several other ducal titles (see Dukes of Silesia)
Duke of Sieradz-Łęczyca
Duke of Bohemia


Stettin-Pomerania was also well known as a Brunswick stronghold until Napoleon.

Centuries before this, Brunswick was long established in Stettin. In the 1500s Brunswick dukes were born to the House Gryfici (Świebodzice) of Piast Nobility. We also have records well into the 1300’s of this branch of Piasts marrying into the Royal House of Brunswick.

By marriage, all of Bogislaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania’s children were cadets of Brunswick-Lunenburg, including
Duke Philip II
Bogislaw XIV, the last ruling duke of Pomerania
George II, Duke of Pomerania
Ulrich, Duke of Pomerania
Anna de Croy, the last member of the dynasty
Clara Maria of Pomerania-Barth

after this house was extinguished at the death of Anna de Croy, the rule of Brunswick at Stettin was the status quo till the 19th Century. However, many wars against France, against Austria, and even Brunswick against Prussia and the coupe’s of Russia, Courland, and Poland did not slow down our preminence in the last Piast strongholds, as this was secured mainly by family inheritance.

 Duke Philip II, one of the last Piast Royals, also was a duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg[cadet].

Philip II together with his seven siblings were the last of this line of Piast Royals. They all were Royalty of the House of Brunswick.

Several of the subsequent Governors of Stettin were dukes of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel.

Katarina of Pomerania (Griffins), Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, married prince Henry IV of Brunswick.

Lady Clara Maria of Stettin, Duchess of Brunswick-Lunenburg, daughter of Bogislas the good, Duke of Stettin married Augustus, Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg.

August Wilhelm, Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Bevern, was governor of Stettin till his death in 1781. More than half a dozen dukes of Brunswick had already held a governing position in the region.

Charles Wilhelm Ferdinand, Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel, was commander-in-chief of the allied armies of the H.R.E.[Austria] and of Prussia. He was killed from a bullet wound sustained on the battlefield of Jena.

Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel, commander of the main Prussian army at Auerstedt, was badly wounded and had to leave the battle, as a result was the Capituation of Stettin in 1806.

More Information on Oels

One of several coins confirming and some afterwards jubilee records set marking first in 500 years to rule for 50 years consecutively. Realized in the Brunswick husband of the last Piast Princess! There are many coins celebrating the Brunswick inheriting the last Piast sovereignty, which is legal also today in our family name D’Este Guelph Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels, Senior Branch, House of Welf. This medal was stamped on the death of the deceased on November 4, 1789 – Frederic Zofia Charlotta Augusta – the wife of the Brunswick-Oleśnica duke Frederic Augustus, diameter 38 mm, weight 19.7 g.

One of several coins confirming and some afterwards jubilee records set marking first in 500 years to rule for 50 years consecutively. The Brunswick husband of the last Piast Princess! All the coins Prove or celebrate Brunswick inheriting the last Piast sovereignty, which is legal also today in our family name D’Este Guelph Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels, Senior Branch, House of Welf Obverse: head to the right, around the inscription: FRIEDERICVS AVGVSTVS BRVNSV.OLSN.DVX. Under the head, AS signature (Alt Stadt, according to others A. Ambramson).
Reverse: the figure of the goddess of adornment standing next to the column; in the episode, the inscription: FID.PRAEST.MDCCXCIII; around the inscription: DVCATVS OLSNENS.
The horse column – the coat of arms of the Braunschweig coat – is visible on the medal column.
Date 1793 refers to the acquisition of the Duchy of Oleśnica.
The author of the medalist’s album placed this medal in the masonic medals department. However that may be inappropriate, as Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick had banned all freemasonry in Germany. The column in the image bears our Welfów D’Este Guelph Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels, Senior Branch, House of Welf coat of arms.


The medal (coin 2/3 thaler) was blessed for the 200th year anniversary on September 1st 1993 for the homage of the state of the Brunswick-Oleśnica principality for the surviving husband, His Highness Frederick August D’Este Guelph Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels, Senior Branch, House of Welf of the last Piast Princess heir of their last alloidial inherited sovereignty.

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