In most of the world, any attempt by any agent(or person) to disproportionately single out and treat our church members with more or less impunity than the rest of the public is a criminal offense involving discrimination and prejudice.
While we do not discriminate against any specific rights of any person in the whole world, the historic church of God is being maligned, slandered and heavily persecuted for simply having beliefs. While the Bible text may not condone some sins, we believe this shouldn’t open all Christians to unequal treatment or persecution. Therefore we are forced to legally preserve and protect our own human and fundamental rights of assembly, association, disassociation and privacy in the courts of the land. These fundamental rights have been under assault by radical stunt politicians who seek to criminally suppress, conspire, investigate, harass and persecute Christians solely on the basis of their established belief system.
(Investigation may also be a crime. The 5th Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees this basic right to not be harassed with any type of search or investigation without indicating all the things to be searched, the time, the place and reasons all provided to the parties in the form of a warrant that is signed by a lawful Judge, in a court of law. Numerous cases have been won where this has not been provided. Suppression of civil rights is a crime. Conspiracy to commit this crime is a felony that can be prosecuted against any person in any office, in every state of the union.)
As Christians we are to preserve these basic human rights to future generations. Therefore if any party is caught discriminating against our church members, we will file human rights and religious persecution charges in the appropriate local jurisdictions.
We conduct ourselves honourably and will not prosecute the perpetrators without proof how the rights were violated against our church member.  The specific action of the perpetrator should be recorded, or otherwise demonstrated by at least two witnesses. The intent should be clear they (or their co-conspirators) are seeking to unlawfully disrupt a church member’s specific rights. On discretion of the Bishop we may also give mercy to the perpetrator if his good intent can be shown. Not only malicious intent must be shown but also the example of the actions which suppressed the civil rights of the congregant. That will include any intimidation or fear of having the right of “assembly” or of any “belief”, or of any “religious appearance”, or of any “adherence to the beliefs” of the church. The charges are not taken lightly in any court of the world. The persecution actions must be complete with information on the time and place of such act of religious persecution, suppression of human rights, conspiracy to commit suppression of rights(which can be a felony in the USA), or any other related crime of discrimination against such rights of “assembly” that are guaranteed by nearly every government of the world.


GODHEAD: We believe in one true and everliving, self-existing, uncreated God whose name is YAHWEH, and in the unity of His being there exist three subsistences of one essence: substance, power and eternity; God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all one God, world without end.

SALVATION: We believe in one Jesus Christ, eternally begotten of the Father, very God and very man, perfect God, perfect man, and in this one Jesus Christ there exist two perfect natures, inseparably united without division, change, confusion or commingling. We believe that election is for the Adamic race, and salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is by the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ and not a reward for good works. We believe in the virgin birth, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and literal return of our Savior Jesus Christ. Election was purposed from the Father before the foundation of the world. Redemption is made possible by Jesus Christ. Sanctification is by the work of the Holy Spirit.

GOOD WORKS: We believe that good works are the evidence of our salvation. We keep the Law not to be saved but because we are saved. Our Good Works belong to Jesus Christ and are measured in terms of His law. We believe in the Ten Commandments, in the statutes and judgments of His Law. We observe the Biblical Sabbath of the Seventh Day and the Holy Feast Days including Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles. We observe the Dietary Laws, Tithe Laws, and all other laws which the Holy Spirit writes upon our hearts and in our minds. Salvation is by grace, and good works are the way we run the race and win the crown.

CHURCH: We believe in the one true and Living Church of Jesus Christ; the Gates of Hell cannot prevail against the Church. We believe that all Israelites should be churched and live in accountability to the spiritual government of the Church. We believe that Christ has placed Bishops, Elders, and Deacons in the Church with a five fold ministry of Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

ISRAEL: We believe that Biblical genetic Israel in Jesus Christ is the Church, identified among the Anglo, Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred people of the world. We believe in the literal regathering and restoration of the House of Israel to the land deeded in perpetuity to Father Abraham and the literal rule and reign of Jesus Christ upon the Throne of David in a new heaven and new earth. We believe in all of the Covenants of the Bible: these are both conditional and unconditional and were made with Israel.

APOSTOLIC DOCTRINES: We believe in the Christian and Apostolic doctrines of the Church as built from the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

SACRAMENTS: We believe in the seven historic Sacraments of the Church including: Holy Baptism, Penance, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Unction for the Sick, and Ordination of Ministers.

WORSHIP: We believe in Lawful Worship and a liturgy that can be traced back to Celtic Christianity through The Book of Common Prayer of 1549.

GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT: We believe in the Motivational Gifts: Prophet, Server, Teacher, Exhorter, Organizer, Giver, and Mercy. We believe in the Ministry Gifts and in the Manifestation Gifts.

SPIRITUAL MATURITY: We believe that all Christians should grow in spiritual maturity and reflect the character of Jesus Christ by growing in original design, authority, responsibility, suffering, ownership, moral purity, and success.

MORAL PURITY: We believe in the moral purity of the body, soul, and spirit and living a life of holiness and sanctification unto Jesus Christ.

BIBLE: We believe the Bible to be the infallible, unchanging, and inerrant Word of God. We believe that all of Scripture, Genesis to Revelation, is the inspired Word of God, and that the Authorized King James Translation of the Bible is the best of all translations available in the English Language.

CHRISTIAN DOMINION: The Church of Israel believes in Godly dominion of the earth, to the glory of Jesus Christ. We believe in Christian occupation and reconstruction of the earth under Jesus Christ. This includes increasing the size and strength of the Christian family, Home Birthing of children, Home Schooling of children, building houses, planting gardens, and gathering God’s people in rural areas. We believe in the planting of churches and in the preaching, teaching, and printing of the Gospel of the Kingdom Message.



 We stand as successors of the Orthodox Culdee, the First Century Church. We have maintained this in apostolic succession and in literal practice.
The First Century Didache, The Nicene and the Apostles Creeds remain our canon, and the foundation of our beliefs. Our ultimate authority being the Holy Bible (the inspired word of God).
We continue as the many Culdee and Waldensian descended churches have continued to overcome all persecutions throughout the ages. As the Mennonites, the Hugenots, the Congregationalists, the Seventh Day Baptists, Arius’ original Goths, and the numerous Eastern Orthodox and Western autonomous Catholics all had kept both Saturday and Sunday, so do we honor both days in the ways of our Lord. Within our Orthodox Culdee rites, only the 7th Day is mandatory (Scotland only kept Saturday until the end of the 11th Century). Some of our Members call themselves “Orthodox” or “Orthodox Culdee Church” because of the first century established history. Many of our congregants still call themselves Seventh Day Baptists, Messianics, Church of God, and Celtic Orthodox. All one, together in unity.
Among all the basic mainstream truths of Christianity, we do keep the 7th Day Sabbath, “declare the primitive way in keeping all of His commandments”, as well as using the Hebrew Calendar (as the 1660 General Baptist Confession states “the first month of the year called March”, and gives an outline as above). In the early church canon of Scripture, in the book of “Didascalia” it gives us services for the Sabbath. In the first century book the “Didache” it says we are to assemble in every one of the Lord’s days. The Scripture tells us which are all of the “days of the Lord / YAHWEH and My days” (Leviticus 23:2). That is all the Hebrew Sabbaths and Holy Days. Within the Biblical Canon book of Didascalia, Book V, XVII it tells us how to calculate the calendar for the Hebrew festivals:
“But do you observe carefully the vernal equinox, which occurs on the twenty-second of the twelfth month, which is Dystros (March), observing carefully until the twenty-first of the moon, lest the fourteenth of the moon shall fall on another week, and an error being committed, you should through ignorance celebrate the passover twice in the year, or celebrate the day of the resurrection of our Lord on any other day than a Sunday.”

The original creeds of the Christ’s Assembly go back to the First Century DidacheThe Apostles Creed of 200AD, the Culdees of Glastonbury, the persecuted Waldensians of Early Medieval Europe, and the major body of believers in every Western European Country before their governments saw these literal Bible believers as too powerful and outlawed them.

Sabbath keeping was the norm in most of Northern England until around 1200 they started to have both Saturday and Sunday. Rome often refered to Leo Vigilantius as the leader of the Waldensians. Although they burned all of his writings, centuries later Rome was still complaining about his influence on the Waldensians. Rome admits they had the protection of the Celtic Bishops of Lyon France, who later founded much of the Northern England church of the Culdees. The Pope eventually declared a crusade against these, our Sabbath keeping, Bible believing Waldensians of Celtic France / Gaul. In the time of Vigilantius the Eastern churches weren’t so fortunate to still have their Bishops recognized by Rome. They wrote to the Pope refusing to give up the Hebrew festivals even if their lives were threatened. All the Orthodox churches of Asia Minor were then excommunicated from Rome. However, we should say Rome excommunicated itself from the real church. For many centuries still all the Sabbaths and Dietary laws were chiefly promoted. The Feast of Tabernacles, rather than December 25th remained the norm for sometime thereafter.  Many scholars argue that the final matter that initiated the “Great Schism of 1054” that permanently splitted the Eastern and Western churches, was the new law forbidding the Sabbath feasting. God commands Sabbath to be a festival. So Rome, in order to try and put an end to this popular practice, made a law for people to fast on the Saturday Sabbath. Evidence this church continued to thrive is in the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the laws of America which forbade pagan “Christmas” on december 25th, while upholding the older didascalia Hebrew festival of His birth. From before and after the revolutionary war America continued to have the founding text of the union “To advanced the kingdom of Jesus Christ and maintain the purity of the gospel”(Articles of Perpetual Confederation).

We have continued to worship with all our Bretheren in Christ, no matter which day they worship on. We will all share the same communion cup, all as one, united on our faith in Jesus Christ for His Kingdom laws to be done on earth(as in our daily prayer).

We believe in health and wellbeing of our whole being, our Spirit and our Soul, and our Bodies.

The most important doctrine of ours is love.



The term Baptist or Anabaptist was used to identify all “dissenter churches” who broke away from the state religion churches of England and Europe, even if they rejected the term and called themselves “congregationalist”, “Mennonites” or various “Reformed” or “Evangelical” offshoots. Many suffered under pain of death for not converting to the state run church or even just for having Bibles in their posession. Up until the last few centuries you could get a fine for missing a church service on Sunday. Licenses for other dissenting churches were often liberally given out by a Bishop so long as the main articles of confession were recieved, with allowing for rejecting two or three of the articles. However, in England, the dissenter congregations overally, whether being Congregationalists, Mennonites, Seventh Day Baptists or other Pilgrims, they have been grouped together as “Baptist or Anabaptist” as having an emphasis on adult baptism. While adult baptism does go back to the original orthodox recieved doctrines, as a part of confirmation and converting to ultimately become one of the faithful. History traces these as all being descendant of the Celtic Waldensians and Culdees. Some of our members may never give up calling themselves Baptists. For this we keep in our articles of confession the 1660 General Baptist Confession of Faith.

No matter what denomination you’re from you can join with us. We most gladly accept and have Christian Communion with all who believe in God’s literal word. Really every church will admit that sin is the transgression of the law (see 1John 3:4) and that we must repent and turn from all sin. We invite inter-communal agreements with all the denominational churches who accept the Divine Creator died for our sin, and that the Holy Spirit now empowers us to live by God’s word. We have a lot of work to do awakening the nations who are suffering punishments from God for their stubborn rebellion. Our formerly Christian nations all must humbly get on their knees and ask God for forgiveness!

Please write us if you have any question about our beliefs. We’ll be happy to give you a more complete Biblical study on each topic.

You can email us for inquiries in regards to building up assemblies in your area at


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