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  2. As the Head is Inseparable From the Living Body, So Are His Saints
  3. Numerous Gothian Brothers Are Being Deported From Crimea!
  4. How Mary Magdelene was delivered from demonic possession of 7 devils
  5. The Last Days of the Romanovs: From 15th March, 1917—100th Anniversary Memorial Edition
  6. US District Court Judge FAKES Due Process in California Insurrection Case
  7. Secular Law Professor Leslie Griffin Advocates Punishment for Free Exercise of Religion
  8. Kids in Nude/Pornographic Sodomy Gay Sin Pride Parades MANDATORY For Elementary School Children – As part of the gay/LGBTQ pride month’s mandatory state indoctrination/brainwashing
  9. Recommended Theology Book on the Biblical Trinity
  10. Sabbath Lectionary Sermon on Mp3 “Should We Choose To Sin”?
  11. Monastic Rule of Columbanus
  12. Special Opportunity and Blessing to Give and Tithe
  13. Article on Glastonbury from the Monasticon Anglicanum, A History of the Abbies and Other Monasteries, Hospitals, Frieries and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches With Their Dependencies in England and Wales
  14. The Declaration Of Arbroath, Proof The Scottish Are Israelites From “Greater Scythia”
  15. Food distribution to the poor.
  16. Happy Feast of Pentecost 2017!
  17. Sabbath Lection Sermon for 1John Chapter 5, Eternal Life Doesn’t Desire Sin and Doesn’t Remain in Sin
  18. Celtic Priests Were Married, Most Abbots Were Married, Many Monks Were Married
  19. Today’s Sabbath Lectionary Sermon: Loving Father Rather Than Idolizing Things In The World
  20. Restoring the Celtic Embassy, Phase 1 “Restore the British Israel Library”
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