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The Didache – Accepted by TCAWW, the Culdee, and greater fellowship of churches.

The Didache was written in the First Century and is part of the Orthodox Canon.┬áThe Didache is accepted by our church, the Culdee, and greater fellowship of churches. Note Chapter 14 on Assembly, in the original Greek text it does NOT use the word “day” but says “Lord’s way”. The Lord’s way is more appropriate […]

*Free: “Honoring of the Sabbath in the Historic Orthodox Church” BOOK PUBLISHED BY OUR CHURCH

The free HTML format version (low format quality) is below. However for the professionally formatted E-Book version it’s available at a modest fee of $4.21 at AMAZON.com at this link: The Holy Orthodox Sabbath Book Your purchase helps support this ministry. You can also buy copies there to share with your friends as gifts through […]