Rev S.M.K. “So Proud of My BIG CONFEDERATE LEADER Forefather!

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Statement of His Eminence Rev. Stephen M.K.
I’m so proud of my Confederate heritage. It’s so unbelievable God has blessed me so much to be related to Dr. Josiah Clark Nott​.
During the war he first served as Director for the Confederate Army Hospital of Mobile Alabama. Later in the field he served as a Staff Officer and Surgeon. He also risked his life as hospital inspector in enemy territory, reporting the severely bad treatment of the Confederate wounded. He’s also well known for his medical articles that were published to prove we should NEVER allow inter-racial marriages. The entire US Congress agreed and voted to make it mandatory to publish his information against race-mixing at every hospital and medical journal in the Nation. They published it and republished it many times. His books like “Types of Mankind” go down in history as classics for racial identification. He had many exchanges with Darwin on the content, and demonstrated his Christian beliefs firmly throughout it all.
(Note: Loving vs Virginia was a tyrannical act of the Supreme court to illegally cirumvent the laws of 28 states thata defined interracial marriage as a felony. Under Federal force of arms they used this decision in 1968 to now make mixing away and deleting what God made good, holy and separate, a supposedly government endorsed act [however since it is against all the laws of America it provided comfort and aide for an unconstitutional and false pretendership to use this opinion piece of the supreme court, to seize control illegally.] Even the plaintiffs in the case never wanted to change the nation’s laws [and never could]. They said that they just didn’t want to go to jail for the felony crime of mixing. However for profit and gain from destroying God’s good creation, tyrants in high places has used this for empowering the devil’s illegal agents.)
The South is Rising. Jade Helm will be a flop.
++ Rev. Stephen M.K. d’Guelph Brunswick, Primace OCC

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